This year, precisely on the 6th-7th-8th of July, the wonderful surroundings of the Mont Rose in Marseille, France, will host the 15th Kenshinkyorai (« Meeting around the spirit of the sword »). 

We will host a Japanese delegation composed of 5 senseis : 

  • SEITA Hiroyuki sensei – 54 years old – Kendo Kyoshi 8th dan
  • TANAKA Ryouhei sensei – 61 years old – Kendo Kyoshi 7th dan
  • OISHI Hiroshi sensei – 31 years old – Kendo 6th dan
  • TAKIMOTO Jintaro sensei – 32 years old – Kendo 5th dan
  • MURAKAMI Raita sensei – 28 years old – Kendo 5th dan

All the informations about the schedules and organization of the event can be found on our dedicated web page :

We can register from now on :

Hoping to welcome you soon, 

Fudokan dojo